Resource Works marks 5 years – with event and special guest speaker Vivian Krause

Researcher Krause has become known nationally for her work on the causes behind Canada's frustrating inability to deliver on nation-building resource investments. Book your ticket now to hear her speak on March 14 in Vancouver.

Resource Works was launched in April 2014 after an exploration into the causes behind resource and economic literacy challenges in British Columbia. 

Back then, as we searched for ways to build and expand a community of interest on these issues, we had no crystal ball. Since that time, Resource Works has published numerous research papers, held regular events, and built a reputation in British Columbia and beyond as a credible, necessary player in today's most important public policy debates.

To mark five years since our launch, Resource Works is holding a lunch event in Vancouver on Thursday, March 14, 2019. Our featured keynote speaker will be Vivian Krause, whose profile as an advocate for a strong, resilient Canada has made her one of British Columbia's most influential citizens. Seating is limited but we do have some tickets left. Please follow the link here to secure your spot:



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