A rural politician pushing back – a conversation with CRD director Mike Hicks

In the twelfth episode of the ForestWorks podcast, guest Mike Hicks shares his story of working with First Nations and fighting anti-forestry pressure within the Capital Regional District.

Mike Hicks, Capital Regional District director for Juan de Fuca.

Welcome to another episode of Forest Works, the show that talks about all things forestry - the people, the stories and the places of British Columbia's single largest industry.

ForestWorks is brought to you by Resource Works, looking at how responsible development of British Columbia's natural resources creates jobs and incomes throughout the province, both directly and indirectly, while maintaining a clean and healthy environment.

This week, ForestWorks spoke to Mike Hicks, the elected Capital Regional District director for Juan de Fuca, a huge but sparsely populated electoral area covering 1,500 square kilometres of rural southern Vancouver Island – Port Renfrew, East Sooke, Malahat, and the contested Fairy Creek region. Mr. Hicks has represented this area since 2008 and is steeped in its culture and issues of forestry, fisheries, tourism, park creation, and infrastructure. In our conversation, we delve into his work with local First Nations and his pushback against old growth misinformation and anti-forestry pressure from other CRD directors.

Join us every Saturday morning for a new episode of ForestWorks. Or tune in to Radio NL 610AM Kamloops, Saturdays at 7 AM Pacific as we focus on the people, places, and stories of this important and often complicated industry that drives the BC economy.

Listen here:

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