The modern science of forestry - a conversation with researcher Gary Bull, UBC professor of forestry

In the ninth episode of the ForestWorks podcast, host Stewart Muir and guest Gary Bull discuss old growth, climate change, and how the industry is adapting. 

Gary Bull, forestry scientist and researcher at the University of British Columbia.

ForestWorks delves below the rhetoric to get to the real facts of this important industry through conversation with people who really know their stuff.

Gary Bull is a forestry scientist and researcher at UBC - one of the world's top forest specialists with a long history of working at a global scale through the UN, WWF, World Bank, and more. In this episode, we speak to Gary about the true story of old-growth in BC and how the industry is adapting to climate change and other challenges.

Join us every Saturday morning for a new episode of ForestWorks. Or tune in to Radio NL 610AM Kamloops, Saturdays at 7 AM Pacific as we focus on the people, places, and stories of this important and often complicated industry that drives the BC economy.

Listen here:

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