Start 2020 right with January 14 must-attend conference

Historic changes to British Columbia’s legal system are now in place that will affect how business is done in the province. And, soon, across Canada. It's a step forward for Indigenous peoples and all Canadians. Don't be left out: attend this event January 14 to know what's in store for 2020.

post-image.jpgFor those who want to be prepared - and that should be everyone - an all-day event on January 14 in Vancouver will provide essential information and context on B.C.'s Bill 41, which institutes the Declaration of Rights of Indigenous Peoples.




Sounds simple and it some ways it is, but experts from many fields are wisely choosing to be educated and prepared. 

The coming changes are so significant that all 10,000 of the province’s lawyers are being required to complete a course in Indigenous law this year. (Read story)

However, it is not just the legal profession that needs to be thinking about how the values of Reconciliation are being made real. It’s hard not to think of the impacts of UNDRIP in every walk of life, and not just in B.C. The Trudeau government plans to make similar sweeping changes to the nation’s laws before 2020 is out. 

This truly is a part of a Canadian trend, not just a west coast one. 

The Finding the Path to Shared Prosperity event on Jan. 14 in Vancouver features 40 expert speakers from Indigenous leadership, law, government, industry, media, and more. 

The diverse range of organizations sponsoring and taking part in the event is a clear testament to its value. The website is here.

Tickets are still available. Act quickly to avoid disappointment.

Photo by Aliya Izumi/Unsplash

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