Citizen's Guide to Tanker Safety & Spill Response: Second edition now available

An authoritative and comprehensive source of relevant information about oil tanker safety and spill response on the south coast of British Columbia.

Resource Works has developed a plain-language guide to oil tanker safety and spill response on British Columbia's coast. There is a lot of confusing information, often without any basis in fact, being offered to the public about the safety of tankers off BC’s coast. With this guide we’re aiming to bring all the relevant facts together into one concise, plain language document.

cover-2.0-image.jpgThe Citizen’s Guide to Tanker Safety & Spill Response on British Columbia’s South Coast represents the first effort to gather comprehensive information about oil tanker traffic and related safety measures and spill response capacity into one concise, plain language document.

The first edition was published in April 2018. The second edition adds new material and updates.

All British Columbians share an interest in protecting the ocean environment. That means protecting maritime life, shorelines, and economic activities like tourism that depend upon clean and safe waters.


The Citizen's Guide looks at safety and spill response measures including:

  • After an exhaustive review, Ottawa approved the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion with 157 stringent requirements, including investment in B.C.’s ability to respond to oil spills.
  • The federal Oceans Protection Plan provides $1.5 billion over a 5-year period to achieve a world-leading marine safety system that will increase the government of Canada's capacity to prevent and improve response to marine pollution incidents.
  • Trans Mountain will invest $150 million in the Western Canada Marine Response Corporation, which is responsible for responding to oil spills on the coast. The corporation will use that funding to hire 115 new personnel and add 43 vessels to its existing spill response fleet.

Co-authors of the report are: Stewart Muir, Don Hauka, Kim Lonsdale, Scott Simpson and Joe Spears.

Link to the first edition.

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