Big city mayors tour BC resource towns

Three Metro Vancouver mayors decided they would drive from Vancouver to Edmonton and along the way visit local communities to learn what makes Canada work. They are passing through major resource-producing areas including 100 Mile House, Williams Lake, Prince George, Dawson Creek and Fort St. John. Read about the trip here

Most city dwellers probably assume that Metro Vancouver is British Columbia's economic engine because of its large population. In fact, Metro Vancouver accounts for only 41 per cent of exports while the rest of the province contributes the other 59 per cent. Without the export value created by natural resource extraction, Lower Mainlanders would not be able to buy their imported orange juice and iPhones.

Resource Works is a non-profit research group that studies the resource economy and we are helping the mayors in their trip through the BC heartland so they can spread word about the crucial, often overlooked dependencies.  

Those who join the leading citizens who endorse our movement recognize that we need to stand up for responsible resource development, BC jobs, and prosperity. If we fail to do that, Canada's ability to be a leader in innovation and quality of life will be threatened. That's why we are asking for your support by signing up as a supporter and sharing our content in social media.

In this video, Resource Works executive director Stewart Muir is interviewed about the BC resource story. The interviewer is Mayor Greg Moore of Port Coquitlam. He was joined on the trip by Coquitlam's Mayor Richard Stewart and Mayor Mike Clay of Port Moody.


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