The science behind wood waste and how it can be used to drive renewable energy

In the first episode, Ian MacGregor joins Resource Works' Eco Innovators podcast to discuss his pioneering plan to extract hydrogen from wood waste.

Ian MacGregor, founder of the Hydrogen Naturally project and the first guest of Eco Innovators.

The Eco Innovators podcast is a cutting-edge show providing in-depth conversations with Canada's foremost thought leaders shaping the future of innovation in natural resources and environmental science.

Eco Innovators is brought to you by Resource Works, diving into some of the most groundbreaking innovations, ideas, and strategies to foster a cleaner, greener, and more prosperous Canada for future generations.

In our first episode, Resource Works founder and podcast host Stewart Muir welcomes Ian MacGregor, founder of the Hydrogen Naturally project. Ian discusses his passion for carbon capture and hydrogen technologies and his plan to extract hydrogen from wood waste. He also touches on the economic and environmental benefits of this approach and the challenges and opportunities for Canada's forestry sector.

Join us on our journey to better understanding energy in the 21st century by gaining valuable insights from Canada’s leading experts, entrepreneurs, and innovators in the energy and natural resources industry.

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