It's time to help the environmental movement chalk up a win on fracking and methane

So long as the climate movement is limited to fracking opponents, safety alarmists and renewables fabulists, it seems like society will continue to encounter friction on embracing less harmful fuels like natural gas. Those like Resource Works advocating for realistic pathways for growing the green economy are in search of a better path.

If we are truly serious about reducing carbon levels in the atmosphere, fuels like natural gas as a bridge transition energy source are going to be necessary.

Some of the myths being propagated about the harms of methane gas and fracking are holding back the green transformation that the vast majority of British Columbians support.

Now a powerful new finding from the Breakthrough Insitute has laid bare what many already believed to be the case:

Switching to natural gas can also reduce emissions substantially in a world in which, despite increasingly desperate entreaties from climate activists, emissions continue to rise.

Natural gas is, according to the institute, one of the only energy sources that has ever succeeded at decarbonizing a large, modern economy at rates that even begin to approach those necessary to mitigate climate change.

At the same time, new research about the source of methane emissions suggest that in the United States, increases are coming from agriculture rather than natural gas production.

For policymakers in Canada, this new information should be carefully examined.

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