by James Klassen

Number 1: Gas is safe

In BC gas safety and the industry has been here for over 60 years. From gathering systems to plants to transmission we are the go to people. We have the tech and the best practices. It's a highly regulated industry from the NEB, the OGC and the Ministry of Environment.

Number 2: LNG is even safer!

All gas heading for liquification is already pipe spec. The same stuff coming to your furnace or stove - minus the odorant.
It doesn't spill, it evaporates. Rigorous integrity is done on all piping to get it where it needs to be.

Number 3: Nasty and non-nasty are captured far upstream at processing plants.

Sulphur is recovered as a valuable by-product. H2S and liquid & gases, like propanes and butanes [can be] easily separated with little difficulty.

Acid Gas containing carry over and C02 is captured contained and not released to atmosphere.
In the state of the art facilities the C02 is either captured or incinerated (not flared).

Number 4: Clean burning

Natural Gas for years (like 50 years ago) used to be flared off as a Nuisance product of the oil industry until someone recognized its incredible properties and uses. It burns the cleanest of all fuels. (New York has finally converted to Natural Gas just recently after hundreds of years of heating oil).

Number 5: Efficient and clean

The thermal heating efficiency [of Natural Gas] to pollution created is incredible. Even if we tried to go 100% renewable - we could not create enough electricity for industrial and commercial heating to be affordable. Using electricity to heat things is a waste of energy. We'd create more pollution by even trying.Renewable Energy can not be exported overseas. We can share it on this continent - but that's it. (We should be as a group in favour of renewables because that's just common sense) Even geothermal where it can be used is only really a local heating source (mostly for domestic to mini-industrial) It's definitely not transportable - never mind for export.

Number 6: Fracking is safer and more productive than other ways of getting natural gas

Fracking or "non-conventional gas" is actually even safer and more productive than conventional gas drilling. We are tapping into stable pockets. In conventional drilling, it was a gamble. Now it's a science. With fracking, we are actually controlling the deposit, rather than being surprised by it. Our exploration is not “hit and miss”. Smaller footprints. Deeper pockets. In conventional, we were hitting highly charged pockets. When the pressure was let out of a cavity - the cavity’s collapsed like bubbles.

Because we can now control the find - it's a steady supply. Most of the shale gas is actually far sweeter by composition than the deadly sour stuff we were used to!

Number 7: Jobs, Jobs, Jobs of every kind! Not just "rig pigs"

When people think of Natural Gas they think of drillers and pipe laying crews. THAT IS ONLY THE TIP OF THE ICEBERG!

Do you know how many environmental surveyors, approvers and auditors are involved? Ecologists?

Tell anyone who is concerned and knows anything about preservation! We need them in this industry-and chance are, they will make more of a difference than "protesting"!

Never mind that! Every trade under the sun is needed for maintenance and construction. 

Engineers and technologists!

Process Engineers, drafts people.

Operating Engineers, pipeline monitoring, communications technologists from cell to radio to Internet.

Chopper pilots. Contractors, trainers, small business people, shippers.

Do you know how much more education running this technology will generate - No! that it will DEMAND !

This is the best industry ever to be a part of!

Canada & the world needs LNG!


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