Authenticity Now: People Power & the rise of a clean LNG industry

Across British Columbia, voices are chiming in about the desirability of a clean, green natural gas export industry. Not only will it cut harmful coal emissions around Asia Pacific, British Columbia's LNG is also a key factor in addressing affordability and jobs at home.

As the environmental movement demands clean innovation, the British Columbia resource industry is stepping up to the challenge. Here are three powerful grassroots viewpoints about the need to develop Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) exports.

The Ins and Outs of LNG

When Fort Nelson resident James Klassen talks about natural gas, it is with the authority gained in his career as a gas processing plant operator. Mr. Klassen recently shared a lifetime of lore with this amazing post about liquefied natural gas, originally shared in Facebook.

Let’s work together to build something rather than always tearing something down and waiting for the next handout.

This powerful article in the Terrace Standard argues that safe, clean, sustainable industry is what the B.C. North West needs, and LNG ticks all those boxes. The author is Steve Smyth, who has lived all across northern BC since 1962 and is a past director of the Terrace-Kitimat Airport Society and a current director of the Terrace and District Chamber of Commerce. He watches political and regional events from his home in Terrace.

Natural Gas – It's Real, It's Here, It's Clean

Thanks to its natural gas, British Columbia is building a cleaner, more diversified economy and leading the country in economic growth. This post by Barinder Rasode, Resource Works Director of Social Responsibility, has generated an incredible 2,300+ shares in social media since it was posted. A Surrey resident raised in Kamloops, Ms. Rasode has served in municipal government and advocates for a range of citizen empowerment causes.


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