Our Barinder Rasode takes responsible resource message to the UN

Resource Works is just over two years old now, and there is new evidence that our values are resonating across society at a time of peak interest in our issues.

Our job is to explore the long-term economic future of British Columbia as a place that depends on the responsible development, extraction and transportation of the province's resources.

post-image.jpgLater this month, Resource Works director of social responsibility Barinder Rasode will attend a conference at the United Nations in New York City. She was invited by Think Equal, a group devoted to creating equal opportunity and empowerment, irrespective of one’s gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or disability. 

“Development means unlocking the potential of those who have been held back for social reasons,” said Barinder. 

“Resource development, done responsibly, is to a large extent the key to economic empowerment. "

The Think Equal conference takes place Aug. 24-26.

This month, executive director Stewart Muir is also planning to share Resource Works ideas outside of BC when he travels to Winnipeg at the invitation of the Energy and Mines Ministers Conference, an annual gathering where political leaders have a chance to catch up on wider trends. He’ll be discussing public confidence in resource development along with other environmental non-government organizations, indigenous representatives, and industry voices.

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