Resource Works summer program attracts rising stars from McGill

Our summer students are helping the Resource Works Society build an authentic social movement in support of responsible resource use

post-image.jpgNate (left) and Jamil have a lot of shared history and so they were surprised to see each other once again at the Resource Works office. They attended the same high school, and are both currently pursuing undergraduate degrees at McGill University in Montreal. We've had the pleasure of having them in our office this summer.

Nate is involved in communications, research, social media management, and database management. His study of economics at McGill has lead him to be interested in the fields of natural resource economics, and transportation economics. Both are extremely relevant to British Columbia’s economy as we become more international in our resource exports. His personal values align closely to those of our organization, and so he has been a great fit in our office.

“There are so many reasons why we should be proud of our resource economy, and not treat it like a dirty habit that needs to be kicked. In B.C. we include and hire women and First Nations. We have high standards for worker safety and insurance. We know there are environmental risks, and put pressure on companies to make their operations as safe as possible,” he said.

“Resource companies are teaming up with academics and tech companies to develop world-class technology solutions to minimize environmental damage while making extraction as efficient and profitable as possible. There are very few other places in the world where all these traits are present in a resource-rich country.

"Global demand is only going up; we should be meeting that demand because we can do so in the most responsible way!”

Jamil studies finance at McGill, which made him want to explore the connections between the resource economy and the corporate world.

“There are so many professionals dealing with resource companies. I was really shocked when I first came on and realized that,” he said.

“Financial accountants, lawyers, advertisers, developers, engineers, analysts… the list goes on. The numbers are staggering. I really wonder what percentage of downtown businesses have resource companies as their primary clients.”

His studies make Jamil a natural fit for project organizing and database management. He is responsible for BC Connects, a program Resource Works is continuing following the success of the program last year. BC Connects brings together local politicians, community leaders, and other influencers to take a trip into the Interior to see firsthand what the resource economy looks like.

“Many urbanites have never seen a mine or a lumber mill in person. This gives them the opportunity to see what it’s all about, rather than just reading about it,” he says “They can ask questions and really develop their understanding. Hopefully the outcome is they walk away with a greater appreciation, and are more supportive of the resource economy going forward.”

Nate and Jamil have been in our office since early May, and will stay until late August. We are so proud to be attracting young, enthusiastic, and educated volunteers. As our organization grows, we hope our volunteer numbers grow as well.

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