Launching the ForestWorks podcast and show

Local government and labour leaders, scientific experts and First Nations figure among guests on our newest radio show and podcast.

With so many British Columbians tuning in to the world of forestry, understanding the facts on the ground and the politics behind the scenes has never been so important.

That's why Resource Works is excited to launch ForestWorks, a weekly program providing important perspectives on the future of forestry.

Stewart Muir, the executive director and founder of Resource Works, is also the host of the ForestWorks show.

"ForestWorks brings us into one of the most dynamic and renewable industries in British Columbia and that is forestry," said Muir, pictured below. "It's also the largest industry, accounting for 18 percent of the base economy here, and we'll be bringing this to life by exploring the people, places and stories of forestry."

Join us every Friday morning for a new episode of the ForestWorks podcast. Or tune in to Radio NL 610AM Kamloops, Saturdays at 7 AM Pacific for the ForestWorks Show, as we focus on the people, places, and stories of this important and often complicated industry that drives the BC economy.

Listen here:

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Season one:

Episode 1 - Port McNeill, the little town that would (with Mayor Gaby Wickstrom)

Episode 2 - Leading us out of the woods, with Brian Butler

Episode 3 - Doing it better, doing it right: A professional forester speaks out (with Nicola Dickson)

Episode 4 - The growing voice of grassroots forestry workers, a conversation with Carl Sweet

Episode 5 - The reality of the forestry industry in Nanaimo and on Vancouver Island, with Nanaimo Mayor Leonard Krog

Episode 6 - Land management’s role in raging forest fire seasons – a conversation with RPF Murray Wilson

Episode 7 - A perspective from the company on the frontline – a conversation with Teal Jones’ Conrad Browne

Episode 8 -  Fisherman, logger, First Nations Chief

Episode 9 - The modern science of forestry - a conversation with researcher Gary Bull, UBC professor of forestry

Episode 10 - A life in forestry

Episode 11 - Not just logging – a discussion of downstream impacts and forestry regulation

Episode 12 - A rural politician pushing back – a conversation with CRD director Mike Hicks

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