These nine companies are breaking through tech barriers

Meet nine companies enabling a clean, efficient natural resource industry. They're leading an exciting new export industry based on Canada's traditional strengths: learn more Nov. 29.


At a time when urban residents expect it's possible to achieve environmentally sound outcomes while maintaining a strong economy, there is a strong focus on a "new economy" based on technology and innovation. In BC's case, it turns out we are in possession of these opportunities in spades.

To a great extent this opportunity is based on the very activities that some deride as "outdated": the resource sector. Yet these companies are anything but out of date. The mini-profiles below are of companies that Resource Works has identified as exceptional examples of resource technology – "restech" for short.

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Energold Drilling

Vancouver-based Energold offers innovative drilling solutions around the world. In its global operations, Energold seeks to train local drill laborers, giving them transferable skills to their careers, and to leave a minimal environmental footprint wherever operations go, thanks to the compactness and mobility of the drilling rig.

Finger Food Studios

Describing themselves as an innovation lab, Finger Foods is tackling complex industry challenges to transform workflows by seeing data and processes differently. The company is part of the British Columbia-led Canadian Digital Supercluster consortium shortlisted to phase two of the application process for funding through the federal government’s Innovation Superclusters Initiative. 

Hatfield Consulting

A science-based environmental consultancy headquartered in North Vancouver, Hatfield works with a variety of sectors, including fisheries, forestry, mining & exploration, oil & gas, and renewable energy, to provide solutions to environmental concerns. The consultancy was founded by biologist Chris Hatfield and has extended its range of services to international development, including working to address the challenges left by the use of Agent Orange in Vietnam.

Helios Wire

Tech company Helios Wire is pioneering satellite-enabled machine-to-machine (M2M) and Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity for the mass market. Applications will include applications to logistics, transportation, fleet monitoring, and oil & gas. Helios Wire is a start-up from Vancouver.


Post-combustion CO2 capture via structured adsorbents could be the future of greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions. Burnaby innovator Inventys has introduced the three-step VeloxoTherm process to capture CO2 emissions at a lower cost than possible with traditional technologies.

Inuktun Systems Ltd.

Nanaimo robotics company, Inuktun, promises to "Transform the Future" by reaching the unreachable, seeing the unseen, and going safely beyond physical limitation. Industry applications of this robotics technology include marine, oil & gas, mining, petrochemical, and nuclear. 

Lightship Works

From environmental services to industry & mining, and beyond, Kamloops' Lightship Works aims to bring intelligent field operations to businesses and the public sector. The unique software integrates three products for a worksite management platform with maps and data collection integrated. 


NGRAIN's photo-based analytics, powered by artificial intelligence, seeks to speed up claims, pricing, and underwriting for insurers. Claim automation offers solutions for the insurers of property, assets, and vehicles. NGRAIN's head office is located in Vancouver.

SOFTAC Systems Ltd.

Chilliwack-based SOFTAC, established in 1970, is one of the companies making BC a world leader in resource technology innovation. As well as providing supplies/services to the sawmill sector, such as sawmill automation technology, SOFTAC supplies mining and water treatment industry.

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